Rachael White (Specialist Nurse)

Specialist Interests: Injection therapy for chronic migraine/excessive sweating/movement disorders, headache neurology, stroke and Parkinson's disease.

Rachael graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2004, and has worked in the field of Neurology continuously since then. Her first professional interest was acute stroke, first as a research nurse, then as a Nurse Practitioner equivalent, Stroke Nurse Specialist, setting up region leading hyper-acute stroke services including thrombolysis, in Merseyside, UK.

After a period of general nursing at the Mater Townsville, Rachael joined the TNC, and expanded her interests to include use of injection therapies for chronic migraine, movement disorders and excessive sweating. Rachael has developed a nurse led Parkinson's clinic including support for device assisted therapies, and is developing an innovative hybrid Visiting Nurse/Telehealth service for Parkinson's patients in remote regional areas. She provides nurse specialist clinics in Mackay and Cairns. Recognising her commitment to Parkinson's disease, she has been awarded two educational grants by Parkinson's Queensland in 2018. She has completed her Diploma in Dementia in 2019.